Event tickets in the Marketplace


I’m wondering if this would be possible. You have an event on your domain that you’d like to charge for. You want to use the marketplace to sell a ticket. Would that work? Someone buys a ticket and presents it to you at your domain and they are invited in to your event.

What are the challenges here? What is possible and what isn’t? Why will this never work? Why is this super easy and can totally work?

The idea is to keep everything connected to High Fidelity in both desktop and HMD mode. So, no Eventbrite solution, no email, nothing external.

This is more than just curiosity: I’m actively looking for a solution I can use. I’m not a software developer and don’t write any code. But I’m willing to hire someone who is, if this is do-able.

I’m also just looking to learn more about what we can and can’t do in the current version of HiFi. I suspect there are many of us out there interested in this question.

Some initial thoughts to spark the conversation:

I’m assuming the ticket is a 3D model that either looks like a ticket or like something representative of a ticket.

Clearly we don’t want a user to be able to re-rez an infinite amount of usable tickets, or be able to give them away. One purchase gets one ticket, used once, by one person.

Lets assume we want anyone (owning a ticket or not) to be able to visit the domain but only ticket holders are allowed access to a part of that domain (an interior of a building just for example).

Thanks for any ideas on this!



There is a script that already does exactly what you want, but I’m not sure if it’s on GitHub or is supposed to be known. If any High Fidelity staff wants to jump in to clarify if scripts found in High Fidelity based servers are okay for distribution or not, then the answer is available.

EDIT: It totally is


Thank you so much FlameSoulis, this is, very cool!

As I said I don’t read or write code, but just looking at this it does seem to be doing what I’m after, assuming that ‘ownership of specified avatar entity’ could be the virtual ticket. If you’re willing/interested in pursuing this with me, for a negotiated fee, please let me know. Assuming also that this script is available for us to use?


It’s from High Fidelity’s own GitHub, so safe to assume yes.

As for how it works, yea. Basically in the past there were marketplace items that were given out to allow stage access (as to what those items were, I won’t say), and that allowed then inside, while not being on the access list or not having the item on their person kicked them to the ‘rejected’ location.

In this case, the item doesn’t have to be visible, but it does have to be worn somehow. Considering that the avatar app lets you choose where things attach, you could (with some trickery) make it so the ticket item is worn on the hand then made invisible when inside the zone, as to not obscure or be annoying.

…Which highlights an issue that High Fidelity has: limitations on how many scripts can be run in a single object, so you’d need two zones: one to do the item checking and one to make said item invisible for convenience.


You could run two scripts in a single object if you used a third script that used Script.include(…), say, to include each of the two scripts. Best if the included scripts are isolated from each other by putting each in a JavaScript enclosure.