Every location is empty


I’ve spent several hours going through each location, but every one of them is just empty space with what looks like a planet down below in some of them, I’m not that impressed since this has been in alpha for at least a year. It doesn’t look like networking has been implemented at all as after checking my network logs it’s only sending & receiving on login authentication.

I figured from the screenshots and videos I’ve seen that you could have some very basic level of interaction with other users or visit places people have built.



@Chaoss do you not see anything? No Voxels, no mesh etc? When you first login you should see something like this: https://alphas.highfidelity.io/t/random-picture-thread/244/876



In some locations I see the odd mesh, but I don’t see other avatars although I can hear voice and other avatars can see me. Most places are just empty space with stars though. Looks like this needs quite a lot more work before I can offer my input.

I was there right at the beginning with Linden World (now known as Second Life) and even right at the start it was more functional than HiFi is right now. Don’t get me wrong this could turn out to be really good and far superior to Second Life but right now it’s very janky and doesn’t work



Chaoss, i think the linden world where already past this stage you see in high fidelity when you could visit linden world and use it. Still intressting information to know why its not working right for you, this is valuable information to fix problem.



On login today on two separate machines with two different usernames I was on some weird IP domain and it said NOT CONNECTED. All I saw was the star background and the white glow of the base below. No content at all.

I had to manually transport back to my usual domain and a given location to see everything again. Just worth noting in case others get “lost in space” after an Interface upgrade.



You may want to pop along to the Friday meet up to get a better idea of what’s going on here, you’ll definitely see other people there as well as getting some good information on progress of the Alpha stage.



I have seen this too on the last few builds on Mac (currently on 1121). Al’s fix does seem to work; manually transporting to a stored Location (even the same one you were last on) clears the (NOT CURRENTLY ONLINE) and allows the content to rez. If I were to guess, I’d say theres something in the initialization code that is not restoring last location IP vectors.