Every time i log in im crashing


i am opening HF on my desktop and it opens closes then does a dang you crashed report. i open again and it ask me if i want to change or keep my settings. every time i open it is crashing?? i havent done anything diffrent so i dont see why its crashing :<


Here are a couple of quick ways to trouble shoot.

  • Have you tried clearing your cache?

If on windows,

  • Have you tried deleting:
    %APPDATA%/High Fidelity/Interface.json - File and
    %LOCALAPPDATA%/High Fidelity/Interface - Folder

and tried opening it again?

Sometimes after an update after a long time off can cause some odd side effects. Clearing the cache usually helps, but sometimes you settings files may have gone corrupted.


i had to uninstall and install a few times then i just kept resetting all settings. then it let me in. thanks menithal