Everybody on vacation ? hiding ? Or another bug?


High Fidelity looks complete dead when i login to check for update.
Is everybody hiding, invisible ? retreated to a closed domain ?

But anyway the online indicator is showing nothing, so mabye that is broken ?


The “users online” widget is displaying a few users currently online for me.


Thanks, just checkled same here. Pffuuu. Then it’s just because vacation time.


I have to be honest, I have been hiding. I log in every day and stay logged in for hours but I am working, so no offense but I cant work with people dropping in so while I am working I go invisible, which has been most of the time for the last few months. Still here just hiding.

But yes we have dropped back to almost no users most of the time now, sad.


I have been in lurk-mode for a few months now, but still keeping an interested eye on developments in HiFi.

My Debian/Linux system is in a bit of a mess as the Unstable branch (which I have had to track to get recent enough QT and MESA) is in limbo between the KDF upgrade and the now separated out KDE-Applications upgrade. Basically I can’t install things I need to compile HiFi without wiping out half my daily-use applications! I am hoping this will be largely fixed in a few weeks, with KDE-applications 15 going release on the 19th. It is one of the strongly-forewarned risks of tracking the unstable branch, so I am not complaining here, just working with facts of life. I may even then be able to let things drift back to the Testing branch, where I prefer to dwell.

I have had a good look around at other potential distros, but haven’t found any that appeal-to-me over Debian.

Also. until I have a satisfactory world-design up in Blender, putting something on my domain is a bit premature (though the key feature I was waiting for in HiFi - mesh collision - is now in place which has me itching to get back in). I am presently dithering badly between a number of possible world layouts (as is my bad habit).


Need to admit that the computers and windows 10 is taking much of the time right now,
Then i have blender. and try to relax or have some fun. and fiddling around with soem pc hardware.

Besides, sitting behind the pc is the last time sometimes problematic.

But i keep following high fidelity and meetings.


Im usually just hiding or doing something else until something new is available to be tested :slight_smile:


Regarding having more users online and in-world, there may be a good opportunity coming up towards the end of the month to recruit new ones. Which is when I expect to see a spike in activity across the metaverse (including an influx of transient new users here) as a result of other metaverse novas.


Yes, on a vacation, returning Wednesday. But, I have been waiting for editing to get cleaned up.