Everything is black


release 4290 - 4092 Windows,
Everything is black when I look in certain directions.

Looks terrible, something wrong with the rendering.


Same version, suddenly all came good again, I dont know what happened, but it seems to be ok now.

EDIT, spoke too soon, next log in and everything is half black again, so problem is intermittent.


I noticed this too, sometimes the direction renders most everything black. Probably in backlight - old bug has returned?


This seems to be an issue with a PR that was pushed yesterday - working out details now, but, it seems if you enter a space that has no zone set (which provides a lighting setup) you see this. If you’ve been in a area with a zone set then you don’t see it.


Yup things are certainly looking black


I went to my empty ATP drained domain with its one cube entity, then went to the market to download a skybox zone. Not a single one would load.


My understanding is a fix for error with lighting is being in progress. As to MP not loading skybox maybe @b can look into?


Yes, I looked through the change log and saw in 4285:

Light now falls off from the source by 1/r^2. This looks drastically different.
This makes lots of things that had looked lit, appear unlit, as the light now drops off with 1/r^2.

Wow is that sooo incorrect. That formula only applies to undirected light aka spherical projection. Once you have focus lighting or planar lighting the formula ia vastly different. No wonder lighting is now fubar.


It’s fixed for me in Build 4299. Lighting has returned to what I’d expect in my zone lit and no zone lit spaces.


@Adrian, this should now be fixed in the latest release


Dang, now I have THIS song stuck in my head! :smiley:


ty, verified as fixed.


Thanks @chris , yes all good now.
I can see where that is going, there were some nice looking shaders when looking from the right angle.