Everything you know about VR users is wrong!


Sorry For The Clickbait Title!

TL;DR version:
There’s no typical user.
There’s no one type of content everyone or even a majority wants.
What you think is cool is boring to others and what’s boring to you is someone else’s must have.

The long story:
Philip made some comments in the town hall last night on “casual VR users” which I won’t try to quote from memory.

Made me think of my own experience which I will share now.

I have given more than 12,000 people their first taste of VR, in a range of events with lots of random non-tech people. Starting with the DK1 and on to the DK2, CV1, Vive and Asus WMR.

What I’ve learned is that there are no rules.

A young man refuses to try a roller coaster, an old lady tries one and begs for more.
50% hate VR meditation, 50% love it and you can’t tell who’s who just by their demographics, clothes, anything.
Kids are easier to work with, but many old non-gamers pick up the controls much faster than you’d think.

People often ask me: What’s the killer app for VR?
I tell them that there’s no such thing and that “killer app” is a silly concept.
(Side note: I call words like this “meta-buzzwords”)

There is no one big thing that will make everyone take up VR.

You could say social VR is the big thing, and I’ll agree, but social VR is not one thing.
Saying social VR is the one big thing everyone will use is like saying the big thing in computers is a browser.
(I’ve got some deeper thoughts gleaned from showing people HiFi but those I save those for paying clients,:blush:)

Yes, everyone uses a browser, but the browser is not the thing, it’s just what you lets you do “the thing”, whether the thing is email, porn, Sudoku or whatever.

Whats the hell is my point anyway?!
Well, first don’t argue that your thing is the big thing and the other guy’s thing is a “niche market”.(another stupid meta-buzzword)

Second, as Philip said, we need numbers.
If/when every one of us in HiFi brings in another 10,000 users, every little thing you do here could potentially produce enough revenue to be self sustaining.

I’ll leave it to you to draw your own conclusions.


Multi-Con VR Update

Well said, but I think it also begs the question: what would bring the numbers up? And by numbers, I don’t mean event numbers, since those are pretty artificial.

On one hand, I’ve always viewed it to be performance based, where the last stress test that was done and resulted in just unacceptable framerates, with the viewing being less on server optimization and now more on viewer optimization.

On the other hand, what needs to exist to draw people in? Take the metric on some preferring roller-coasters while others do not. Would making a roller-coaster domain bring in the 50% that like them? Mini games? Arts?

It’s just one of those chicken and egg issues, where the willingness to create is based on user count, but the user count is non-existent. Could the events be reformed to make it so of the 100s that come in, a majority stay afterwards as actual users and not opportunists?



I’m going to wait for more people to chime in before I write another rigmarole, but you bring up a good point that events don’t (now) bring in more users that stay.

I have ideas on events but I’ll save them to myself for a bit, I promise I’ll share later.

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Its amazing how cool and popular a thing can be whilst still being unheard of @KevinMThomas for example hasn’t watched archer .something has to happen for the world to tilt toward vr. Vr has to be a major part of the future we’re social animals who see in 3d . It’s early days for vr despite how it feels there’s a video on the forum where Philip in the 80’s introduces streaming video over the internet
Like anyone needs that :slight_smile:



Streaming Video, we have that :slight_smile: