Expansion of Banking Hours


Good news! We are expanding the official High Fidelity banking hours. During these hours, we will give out initial HFC grants to early adopters and new users. The bank will now be open Monday - Friday in hifi://TheSpot between:

12 - 1pm PST / 8 - 9pm UTC
5 - 6pm PST / 1 - 2am UTC
8 - 9pm PST / 4 - 5am UTC

Please note that if you would like to trade HFC for USD, you will need to book a private appointment separately HERE. Paypal is required for cash transactions.

If you’ve already received your initial HFC grant, here are a few more ways you can earn HFC:

  • Go to the Money Tree and be there with at least 2 other people for a chance to be rewarded HFC
  • Sell content on the Marketplace
  • Purchase HFC with ETH
  • Perform talents for tips (singing, acting, live painting, etc.)

EDIT: Please note we have updated the link for making a banking appointment.


Are there plans to automate the cashing out process? I hate going to any and all banks they give me the fear…


There are no active plans, but it would be great if you could submit your idea to our feature requests roadmap.