EXPERIMENTAL Local Only: for Cine use: Basic face control via trackpad


THIS IS EXPERIMENTAL use at your own risk and modify as you want :3 I am releasing this under Creative Commons BY License. Just add a comment that you are using this as base. otherwise free to use for commercial usage and so forth as long as attribute is given. This is also very rough, but should get any scripter started
When refreshed and working, you should see:

May need a few script reset after loading. Should work after you see the web view show the 2D slider.

Works only for avatars that have the following blendshapes, and can only be transmitted for other users after if https://github.com/highfidelity/hifi/pull/11083 is implemented. but otherwise should work for local recording

If your avatar supports it, the following controls are enabled:

Tested on the Vive, but Oculus feedback is welcome.
Without modifications after holding the dominant hand tablet button you should be able to control your face with the opposite thumb controls.

Pushing Trackpad up:


Trackpad Down


Trackpad Left

Trackpad Right

Feel free to modify the script to your own avatar. especially for the competition!

I have not tested this for the Oculus.

Press your Tablet button on your dominant hand. then use your thumb on your non-dominant hand to control your face.

Feel free to experiment with this :slight_smile:


Any plans for a Rift Touch version? (haven’t looked at the .js to see if it’s already there, just curious)


It’s waiting for people to test on the rift. Atm it has basic ‘standard’ mapping but not sure how that maps on rift.