Exploring the empty places


Yesterday, wandering here and there, I fell many time on the same kinda abandoned domain (landing under an empty landscape) coming from different domain names with a nice picture on it. It’s also frequent to fall on domains that are clearly the results of some test, where 2 or 3 entities have been put online with nothing really to see there.
For new visitors, falling on that kind of content is not really a big deal to keep them interested.

I think we will have to deal with a permanent % of this kind of domains. A % that can even grow a bit as more people will join coming from different level of knowledge about High Fidelity.
I think we need a way to push the “contentless” domains deeper in the list to give a chance to the valid ones to raise.

You might say: “Yes, but those who are popular are already kept in top of the list”. Maybe, but domains need to be discover to become popular, and right now diamonds are lost among the pebbles.

Maybe we need a way to flag the domain positively and negatively.
I think that in a decentralized world like High Fidelity, unless you want to name a content dictator to do that, maybe we should give that task to the crowd.

Is a “votation” or a “like” system could be the solution ?

Some idea…

Here’s a couple of idea of rules I have thought about that could be applied to a votation system.

  • It should not allowed to vote for a domain we own.
  • It should not allowed to vote more negatively than positively. (It needs a balance to avoid the trolls. Tell us what is good in order to be allowed to tell us what is not.)
  • It should not allowed to vote more than X time per interval of time. (To avoid the bashing, or the artificial promotion.)
  • The system must forget. The old votes must stop to be consider after N time.
  • The system must consider the quantity of vote in the calculation level of validity of the given feedback. (1 negative over 2 votes is clearly not as 50 negatives are over 100 votes)

Also, a domain name should also come with a “Maintenance mode” to be able to keep the server running but interrupt it’s presence in the public directory.


Juup, it s maybe not perfect too link a bunch of Domain Names on one Places.
Specially like you have specified.


That’s the part that we can’t control… but if we could flag/vote them as without interest, that would maybe reduce the number of time we bump into “contentless” domain.


I would be happy if the domains I pay for appeared in the search


I love the idea of a votation system!
That might even be a cool blockchain application :wink:
Not only for domains, but also for marketplace items, trustworthiness of users and most anticipated feature requests…


It’s not already the case?


Free,shop,insight are all on CromptonMoor but only appear in search when your stood in them


Ok, yes. That’s an issue but another one. I guess the seach is still too basic.