EZrecord.js script question


Can somebody help me make sense of this script. It looks like it should be what I am looking for, but I cannot seem to find the output anywhere. I am needing to log some user activity, and the description says, “Add user activity logging” and much of the code seems to be logging of actions. Is this simply a script that makes a recording? Where could I find the logged actions? Or am I just misinterpreting this file?



Hi. The EZrecord.js script is a cut-down version of the “Avatar Recording and Playback” marketplace script, https://highfidelity.com/marketplace/items/f8b8915a-70da-4d50-902a-72e27a9edb4e EZrecord.js creates a recording of your avatar actions in a .hfr file on your local file system.

The “Add user activity logging” is just the description of the changes made in the last code change made to it,