Face Analysis SDK by the CSIRO (CSIRO-GPL2)


Always on the lookout for open-source things, I came across this:


Does it seem any use?


@glenalec- Some thoughts - this looks great, but reading the docs, it looks like they only have things up and running on Mac at the moment:

There’s no mention of Linux. However, I believe the required libraries / software (OpenCV, CMake, FFMPEG, Bash, Qt) are all cross platform and open source, so it may just be a matter of time.

I personally have found FaceShift to be pretty unreliable and a bit of a resource hog. Coupled with the fact that FaceShift licenses cost money, I think CSIRO does warrant further investigation as an alternative / replacement.
However, FaceShift is already quite heavily integrated into HiFi (e.g. we use FaceShift’s fst file format for loading avatars) so the work involved switching to CSIRO may be too much.

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Yes, my problem with software like FaceShift is not so much paying for them (their licence seems reasonable), but that jugging binary blobs on OSS platforms tends to be a nightmare! (Switching back to the proprietary ATI driver earlier today took me 1 websearch and 2 reboots more than it should have! - and that is supported at package-manager level!).

The CSIRO, being a Govt. funded organisation, is presently subject to the same funding cutbacks as Australian universities under the current regime, so I can’t make any predictions about their ability to complete any proposed part of the project, but it is at least OSS so anyone can run with it if needed.