Facebook closingmany VR kiosks


Facebook closing many of its VR demo stations/kiosks - minimal demand. My guess is related to usability and comfort issues.


I think there is still that stigma that wearing a VR headset makes you look stupid, so people are afraid to do so in public, especially in a store full of strangers that might point and laugh at you. This would be a non-issue in a VR arcade, where everyone would be wearing one and therefore no one would be laughing at you.

But just because people are afraid to try demos publicly doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in VR or won’t buy headsets. When you are using a VR headset in the privacy of your bedroom, you obviously won’t have to worry about looking silly to anyone. Too bad that article does not say whether actual sales, not just demos, are affected or not.


Sales are low. The current price point for VR is very high. VR requires most people to buy a new computer along with the HMD gear. That places the purchase around $3000. And yes, the rarified high end gamer community bought their incremental purchases to equip themselves with HMD.

All the signs point to great sales possibilities years from now, but the path to mainstreaming VR requires significantly reducing the bite on the wallet, making the usability experience dead easy, and providing an interesting life assistive or compelling entertainment experience.