Faces need to point inside to let it look in high fidelity like the are outside !?


This is against all logic. Or it’s a high fidelity bug.
But some faces i need to point inside in blender to let it look correct in high fidelity.

What is going on ? It mae no sense, Build 6136

Also some textures are misaligned in high fidelity but fine in blender. That problem is mabye solved after baking the UV


did u apply the scale in blender ?

apply scale then recalculate normals


Hmm. This tim ei did scale is still 1.0
Double check that after baking the uv map.


negative scaling can flip a normal


Grin, but a negative torus would be visible i think


There’s no such thing as negative torus,it’s just something they put around to control the masses



Yep, Judas called this a while ago and it is a good gotcha, if any of the dimension values are negative, the faces will behave opposite to what the faces are pointed to.


I need to double check it, but as far i know there are no negative numbers. mabye in the repeats. but anything else must be positive.

And blender showing outside fine to the outside.
Think it’s some old hifi bug to.