Faceshift ducking and weaving when walk.js isnt running


All the avatars for me duck and weave alarmingly when walk js is not loaded.

Tried it with my Judas ava and the Albert ava


with walk.js


That sounds like a complex conflict to solve.
Option could be to have option in walk,js to say that it’s only animating the legs.


Reminds me of this:


@judas , is this Faceshift or the 2D camera?


its actually doing it with both @chris


ducking and weaving- nice work if you can get it (sorry, the marx bros. took over for a minute there).


Am currently freeing up some time to have a look at this - there are multiple possible drivers for avatar animation (hardware, FBX files, javascript). These different different drivers need prioritising - e.g. what happens when the Oculus tracker says ‘lean left’, but the walk script says ‘stay upright’? Currently, javascript wins (hard coded into Interface), but this is of course not ideal. So, I’m working on a draft proposal for a way of giving javascript programmers control over the animation source prioritisation.

Still busy with non HiFi stuff, but am hoping to get a forum post up today.

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There should also be in my opinion of some degree of blending as well (as a priorization “mixer level”)


My thoughts exactly - am already on it :slight_smile:

Will be posting a draft of the proposal shortly. However, some of what’s involved is a bit outside my knowledge sphere, so I’m hoping for some feedback / corrections / clarification before I put the final version up as a worklist item…