Faceshift lower face tracking with the Oculus DK2


I wondered how long it would take them since they saw it at the event


It looks like the position of the camera will need to be at a very specific angle for this to work correctly. I’m glad this integration is taking place; I’ve opted for DDE over using the Rift at meetings so folks can see my reaction to things.

@chris are we (Interface) still running 0.5 beta for the Oculus SDK? Thanks.

@ctrlaltdavid I could be a test subject for DDE integration into HMDtools.js if need be.


We need to do something about the gulf between expectation and reality with the integration of all these devices.If the rift was no bigger than contact lenses we wouldn’t be struggling for a work around.

Ok judas solution time. What if the rift was made out of the same stuff they make mirrored sunglasses out of
then it would be dark inside but you could still see your face from outside to track.
the leap is a teensy camera thing can it be made to track eyes?
can the foamy crap that presses on ur face on a rift be fitted with sensors that know what ur face is doing?


Leap Camera faces out from being mounted on the rift; so maybe but probably not. I REALLY like your suggestion about ‘foamy crap’ I’m wondering if this foam could be integrated with tiny force sensors and an Arduino for super-low-latency tracking of muscles…

<< digs around for his Arduino >>


If you haven’t seen it already, the following talk by David Holz, CTO of Leap Motion, is well worth watching: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAUG6prB2nA … his take on the future of wearable displays and inputs.