FaceShift windows bug @chris


@chris Re my broken neck face shift problem,
I decided to backtrack to older viewers and have pinpointed the update that breaks my neck in faceshift
windows 1680
"Release notes added twisting
of torso to follow head, fixed bug with body rotation not factored out
of head rotation, removed credits from title baronly twist own body, remove unused head functions make formula more readable"

everything works fine in 1679

Yesterday you tried it I’m assuming on the mac.
what do i win?


Hi @judas , we are working on Windows with Faceshift fine. Ryan did a test with version 2014.1.05 and the results can be seen here:

He did run through the wizard, not sure if that is going to help.


I can demonstrate it going from working perfectly on 1679 and broken on 1680, which means its not face shift or the camera
maybe its the body ill try changing that
lo and behold its the body