False hype hurting social VR adoption?


I m sure many of you reading here have been around VR and social 3d for a while and have tried out several platforms. It seems like a big decision which platform to invest time in, based on the hype each would have you believe they are the ultimate best option.

Then they open… In comes the flood of what ifs and could should…

Why don’t these new platforms try to learn from what has already been tried.?

I see this kind of hype bubble that surrounds these startups and shops, we can’t see in as a customer but also the developers and marketer can’t see out.

Rinse wash and repeat…

Oh well, having had the world literally fall out from under me twice, I try to make sure that the time I spend is enjoyable … Just keep making stuff and meeting people along the ride :blush:


You said it… and it’s why I proceeded differently to determine where I should invest my time. And that’s what has led me here with HF.
Now that Sansar NDA is over I can share the analysis I did:
(Please excuse my disastrous english, I wrote it fast and English is not my base language)


Excellent comparison Alezia !


Nice write up. Yeah it really surprised me when I found Sansar was build and publish. A couple others of interest are vrchat for comparison and even steam VR . It would also be nice to look at some failures and non starters historically.

A couple criteria to add, it’s more about the funding model of the company who holds the keys. Is it Sustainable.? Is it easy and fun from end user point of view.?

I think there is a fine balance between hype and real product. Sometimes even a great platform can fail because of lack of hype or the wrong kind of hype.


I fully agree, there is indeed some other criteria. I listed only the minimum to be qualified.
Fun is definitely one, and I think it happens here.

The fact that HF is open source has definitely played too.

I think we have now to show what we can do in here, in many different ways.
The movie contest is certainly a good opportunity to do it.


Flarf,… perfect example


They should rename their site: toofastcompany.com :wink:


Nice write up, its missing the a 9th one: Input Devices:.

Forexample why else would anyone go for other worlds than SL then? and this is the question many SLers also have, as they have decades worth of stuff on there they wont give up so easilly.

VR also gets thrown around for SL and Sinewave but honestly after working with HMDs and doing a research on VR/AR, I usually refer to Milgram’s Taxonomy of Mixed Realities., Brey’s Virtual Reality and Computer Simulation and Understanding Virtual Reality: Interface Application and Design (book) that due to the over use of the term “VR” by media, there are now gradient of categories of VR, between Non-immersive (Simulation without Visualization), and Immersive (SAO level you move as you would move).

Immersive not just by mental immersion, but sensory immersion. SL would sit somewhere closer to Non-immersive from mid as it only hits VA feedback, Keyboard Input, and with mental immersion, while high fidelity would sit somewhere between SL and mid point of the line, depending on ones equipment (either being at SL level, or then somewhere nearer to mid point).

We wont have full-immersion until we can tap into our motor systems, but we can get close as possible via similies (such as room space etc).

But generally speaking Media tends to Advertise VR as Immersive VR, when honestly that is not attainable for a good while.


These places need an activity that has any kind of appeal to none second life users
We don’t even appeal to second life users
Sansar neither

What can I do here?

I want social vr to be a thing I work so hard building doing my best to make something to see here

There is nothing to do here
This is why it’s desserted

Shopping could have been a thing but that’s just a webpage instead of a activity
But builders won’t come here because it’s totally insecure
SL users won’t come. Here cos there’s no avatars
The other thing that’s big in SL is streaming music. We all run a hifi server we can’t use to stream
Oh the graphics look dreary people will judge here on photos

The things hifi does really well few people have access to ,seeing comes before wanting. If it looks dismal they won’t be interested enough to try.


Maybe we need something to do collectively.
That would be at least a start toward a something more social.

We would need:
-A project.
-A domain.
-And a damn good way to structure the operations that could stay democratic.


I have been scratching my head over this exact scenario… Can we all start with a weekly meet up to hypothesize what this could look like?


We can at least play a steam through a web entity… So it could be used for a domain wide Club…


We need to stop building more domains and think of something to do in the ones we have we don’t need 200 domains we can’t do anything in

Watch a game like Gal*Gun VR sell by the bucket load
Sex drugs rock and roll


Great link… I think we all watch our twitter feeds and read VR blogs and expect the rest of the world is doing the same thing… but they’re not. This is typical of the way our social media allows us to filter out non relevant information. But what if the most relevant information is actually from people we’re not following on twitter or not reading blog posts from? VR oddly enough is very myopic in terms of an industry that is just getting out of the gate.

One thing to realize the easiest and most fun way to socialize with others in today’s online experiences is to shoot them! kind of contrary to what us older folks think of as desired behavior :slight_smile:


Maybe we can start this here and see who is interested.

If I get it correctly, the idea here would be to invest collectively in common domain to concentrate the activities and by the same time the presence (increasing the sense of belonging), instead of investing each one on our desert islands.

So what do we need?
There is already 6 welcome place…
Do we have a Club? (with music 24/7)


I think that was one of the great things about Second Life when it first came about. The world originally gave me a sense of connectedness to other people. Once they introduced private islands that connective-ness started to slip away. I think that’s what the focus on these types of experiences need to be, the simplest way to allow people to connect with one another and make something great since that’s what I think really is what everyone is after.


Totally agreed, collaborative building is one of the biggest advantage of high Fidelity, but beyond Earth domain I don’t think much has happened to explore the potential.

I am currently running an Amazon 4 gig server and would happily volunteer it to get started.

Hardest part is coordinating all the time zones,. What is everyone s availability?


I’d love to be involved in a community domain! :purple_heart::sunglasses:

A club resp. a possibility to stream music synchronized for everyone (like the youtube-access for everybody via the host’s laptop at RL-parties) would be fantastic!
But probably a nightmare to license on a global scale…

My best availabilty time is between 12:00 noon and 5:00 pm PST :wink:

Hifi Builders Club - a collaboration experiment

This is exactly what I thought “maker” coudl be used for but it deletes things over and over
needs to be a community location


There is this place called Earth that is monitored and kept current. Why reinvent the wheel? If we can all agree to build there, why not?