FBX converter needed (not the autodesk one)


@menithal, Since blender seems to have the bad habbit to add or change textures when you export to FBX. Am going to retry later today with external textures. But it’s weird blender problem i do not understand why it happens.

Meanwhile it would be nice if there’s external OBJ -> FBX convert.
But not the crappy not working autodesk FBX converter, that piece of software started to fail on my old installation with soem messgae to many run only 2 alllowed.

Anybody know a good (free) FBX converter ?

FBX viewer is showing the object good.
High Fidelity is showing it complete metalic.
And blender after import is showing spontanic one extra not assigned texture added.

With external textures (i think it did use that) it looks the same metallic. So something is possible screwed again in this new build. need to fiddle with sliders in blender again to get it right i think. There’s no logic workflow in PBR with blender and high fidelity.


There do seem to be a bunch of steps u need to do in a really meticulous manner for them to work

Firstly have all the textures in the folder with the fbx file and the blender file b4 u start applying anything
blender becomes very angry if anything gets moved
apply all your textures in blender
then pack all the textures in blender save the blend file
sacrifice a virgin raise satan spin around 3 times
export the fbx file with the texturees embedded

these colour intensity and hardness seem to have an effect on stuff regardless of there being a texture avalable
in menithals torch video he has them set all the way up intensity all the way up and hardness all the way up
im beginning to think tho that she lied about being a virgin


and @Richardus.Raymaker

If you have a texture defined in the specular intensity (or color) and specular hardness, the values you set in the specular field dont matter, they get overriden from my experience and according to @sam 's technical notes which apply to both Maya and Blender which could also be updated honestly. You also see this in action with my Confetti-gun video (which I dont even play around with those values with)

Perhaps I should update the PBR Material video with current knowledge instead.


The big probnlem is that the settings look good in beta 37, then you updfate to 38 it get screwed. you change settings in bledner so it ooks good again. and then in beta 39 it get screwed again !


Could you elaborate this further? with screeshots and different environmental map cases?

Looks good is very much subjective, there is also the question of the texture resolution resolvation issues that have been plagueing high fidelity recently.


That’s the problem, this object i do not want to show right now.
The biggest problem is to get the PBR shine part right in blender.
I really do not get the shine back.

I think i now have tried all combinations. Things get stranger because because soem parts seems to look not to bad. but other parts are now complete metallic And it’s broken. ALso @judas trick by mkaing the textures 50% alpha is not helping.

PBR in high fidelity, it’s like gambling. soemtimes you win. most of the times you lose.
Global, at the end you not know what you tried. The roughness map gives me the headace.


If it is the resolution, the is a high fidelity issue: The resolution is currently bugged as even with high frame rates, the textures get downsized too much.


It looks like i still have the preblem with Beta 38. Hard to see, but it looks like a fail before it’s crashing. Back to beta 39 and Stamp high fidelity more as useless platform.

The made high fidelity extreme bad the last 3 months. The are really going downhill faster and faster. Until the remove the HMD in front of the head and see things right.


Sorry, I am confused.

Is the issue you are having with the newest version ala 39, or the issue with the older version. IMO the texture issue has been since 37. again though resolution issue is not PBR issue, it is a texture rez issue. it is separate from it, so if everything is looking blurry in deferredRender, then it is that.

Also I’ve noticed the Windows 10 Creator update seriously messed up texture loading on some situations for me. This is affecting and impacting the above as well. it also affecting quite a few games I play (just look up: “Windows 10 Creator update Stuttering”) It causes this for me (low fps and textures) and it is a forced update that’s roll was finalized last weekend, while I was using the beta version back in April when it was released which I though was caused by a virus but now thing it is the update.