FBX Export weirdness


Blender is complete Coo Coo with exporting FBX.
I cannot export that object without hetting as present one extra texture added.

This is how it looks before exporting it to fbx.

After reimport the fbx in blender it looks like this, and i get one free roughness map.

@Menithal and in this case it’s not a wrong path / directory problem with a texture.
I can really not find any sign of where the 4th texture would coem from, it can only be some bug in the exporter.

The only problem could be the workflow Blender -> fbx -> 3D-Coat -> OBJ -> blender -> FBX. I can try to dump all materials and textures and reassign them from scratch in blender.


that could be a problem with the fbx importer

that said i have seen this happen


Wich one ? The Blender one or the high fidelity one ?!


Could be either as judas said issue with the imported,

but it could also be naming convention issues when exported
Have you also tried avoiding the use of commas in

  • Mesh Name
  • Object Name

And have you also checked what textures (under originalTextures) register once you import it to High Fidelity?


Ok. quick update. just imported the object. and did check the texture field (names truncated)

“Bump”: “m:%5Ctest.fbx/test.fbm/Water_normal_map.png”,
“Kd”: “m:%5Ctest.fbx/test.fbm/Water_diffuse.png”,
“Ks”: “m:%5Ctest.fbx/test.fbm/Water_roughness.png”

So that get fine exported, i guess something in the material setting is changed again.


That looks more like a problem with the FBX importer in Blender then, so if seeing double then its Blender, but if missing then its the fbx export. This means high fidelity does read the fbx correctly and the export was correct as well.


Agree with that, i can remove the shine from the object. but then it looks complete wrong. the roughness map is the most hard part in high fidelity to get working correct.

I still think that high fidelity is not handling the metalness fine enough too. I can set the reflection part with specular not to bad in blender. but in hifif it’s all or nothing as far i see.

Going back to Beta 38, or mabye to 37. Not suprised if things work fine. Only annoying thing is the always appearing popup there’s update. It’s anyway set to private with local assets.