FBX loaded from hdd is complete wrong sized


Just exported some dae file from opensim, to have some reference. To my hdd, converted the dae to fbx. LOaded inworld with local url. The 10x3x0.3 got blow up to a hugh scale 300x30x1000 reset dimensions or rescale dont work. and it cant be set wrong in blender. working with build 1373 right now…


Before you export with the model in object mode hit control + A then apply location, do it again to apply rotation and scale. Then in the FBX export panel panel set scale to 0.01 before you write it out.


Expanding on this - if you have multiple objects in scene make sure you select all and apply scale/rotation/location. What this does is make the origin points of mesh proper such that it sits at relative 0, 0, 0 position when dropped. By applying rotation a model shows as 0 degrees rotation when placed. This also works for OS/SL where if you rotate an object in blender and import it shows as some rotation in its edit properties vs 0.

It seems a bit more critical here as HiFi is assuming less about what you mean to do than SL does - in other words it doesn’t try to fix common mistakes in mesh modeling I prefer the HiFi way myself - I want it to look as close to how I model in blender as possible. :smile:

Now the scale 0.01 in the FBX exporter… that is something to watch - should HiFi change their interpretation of scale (or the blender FBX exporter do so) you could end up with some really tiny models imported. For now it’s the correct value to have a metric scaled model appear proper in HiFi.