Fbx Model is invisible



I have upload are not to see…when I upload a ball for example with only color is also invisible , or does everything have to make it visible , a texture ?

Thank you


No you dont need a texture but you do need to assign a material for it to be seen.
Also make sure you export as FBX7.4 binary.


Hello Adrian,
thank you from your repley. I have with FBX 7.4 and with textures upload… i send you the link, when you have time to look whats happend, was this great…


I tried to go to the link you provided and I got this message

“The file you’re looking for has been moved or deleted.”

so perhaps the url is wrong?


i have the problem found, its was the link, i must me a account make :slight_smile: Thank you for your response. Yet i have another problem with the Mixamo the avatre load…its work not:(