FBX object dissapears


I notice sometimes mesh dissapear when i restart the domain. I have this for a while now and try to figure out in what cases it happens.

It just happend again, while i where still in edit mode. Sofar i can see it looks like mesh dissapear if it cann ot be found on the source location. deleted , wrong filename or in my last case possible the filename where not stored and the stack-manager where still using the old fbx file that where deleted from the source.

What i where doing this time:

Loaded my fbx object,
Empty cube appeared, oops wrong filename.
So i changed the model url, but where keeping the edit mode enabled.
At that moment i did think, i betetr lock the domain on this server for now.
Did that and restarted, after that the object where complete gone. also from entities list.

Some cases like this with filenames not found on server and restarting triggered more times a dissapearing object.


I also have experienced this. I all have uploaded around 512,512,512. The mansion I have found finally at 7900,81,8051, my sky house was at 415,0,415 or so. But both were there. https://alphas.highfidelity.io/t/magicgame-config-json-and-more-question/7055/13

So maybe look around a bit.