Feature Request: Plot/Region Save & Restore


@philip @ryan I am requesting a plot/region SAVE and RESTORE feature to be implemented to help encourage the building community.

This feature would eliminate the issue of copy/pasting a series of voxels and then exporting them out only to accidently restore the build on half of your neighbor’s region, destroying hours of their hard work.

I am suggesting a simple menu option to SAVE REGION, for example my region is
X: 6272-6472
Y: 0-400
Z: 7000-7200

My idea is that a builder can begin construction on our respective plots and everytime we wish, we can click the SAVE REGION menu option which the system would associate our respective unique ID to our region, allowing a builder to save out and restore an .svo file to the exact coordinates without having to worry about an anchor point where we may accidently destroy a neighboring build.

This feature would also encourage multiple elaborate builds to save and restore on demand. For example, I am constructing the House Of Music, a 52 story club where 52 different bands can perform at the same time on various levels. Lets say on a Friday, I would like to restore my club build and the on the upcoming Monday, I want to restore a College Class build to hold a teaching lecture. This would EXPLODE the creative processes without builders having to break the bank buying multiple plots of land.

The region SAVE and RESTORE features would save out and restore the regions as an .svo file.