Feature Request: Scale Resolution to NOT affect UI


Resolution set to one half makes reading the UI very difficult. If you could set the UI to a different rendering factor that would be supreme.


It would be cery awesom if we can finaly scale things. As example ctrlaltdavid chst script have a very giny font. Same i think with the cript editor i have not touched for ages because the font and color combinstions makes it not useable. The console, always forget we have it. but tiny font, so why use it ?

It would be good to have this before the release. companies ignore this always at hugh scale. Something i where hoping for that high fidelity did implement font size from day one. and not like many the need to try to fit it in far developed design. That seems harder for developers.

@AlphaVersionD how did you moved the stats ?


to move the stats panel >> It happens automatic when you scale the resolution in the Developer Settings.


also in scaled resolution mode the mouse and 2D UI space seems to be restricted to the lower-left portion of the window:

basically when moving the mouse cursor past the right edge of the miniaturized area, it instantly warps to the main window’s right edge-- making anything in between inaccessible (such as Entities).


I just want to have the fintsize bvigger, so you can finaly work with high fideity. and not get more problems with healt.

Give us a option to make the font bigger (DPI) This today just on the edge with reading.


Yes. This is super annoying. I hope they fix it soon.