Feature Requests


I believe I am not alone in being frustrated with the development pipeline. Recently I was told I was trying to use the old way of adding a wearable to the HiFi marketplace. I followed the online documentation for this.

Please edit ALL the online documentation before making sweeping changes.

Please add support for GLTF for importing all assets, avatars, ect… If you are going to start using JSON files then you might as well make the effort to support GLTF for the creation of all worlds, assets and avatars. My second feature request is to make Three.js or Babylone.js availabe libraries for scripting within HiFi. Both these options would make life incredible good for developers in HiFi.

Thank you…


gltf almost works allready
just dosent handle all the maps yet


I definitely recommend this.
My submissions to Marketplace had been rejected because of “low quality”. I think now I’m expecting HiFi would be “high quality” in its documentation.
Documentation is really poor and this alone is a very bad quality presentation to new customers and new users.


Yes, but I am suggesting that we use it for avatars, attachments ect…


Well… this would be partly related to the market and doesn’t involve integrating newer technologies, so here’s my assessment on feature requests:

  1. More Options

    Okay so this one may not make too much sense, but hear me out: in the past, if you were AFK, your avatar was still visible to you. While a bug, some people complimented that this was actually desirable. However, upon the next release, it was fixed without an option to allow an avatar to be visible to yourself while AFK. Considering that some people have made custom animations based around this ‘bug’ (or in my case, a custom accessory that only appears while AFK), this feels like a missed opportunity that could have easily been added to general settings. The same I think can be said about other things that simply have people going “Why isn’t that an option?”
  2. JSON Base URLs

    This one ties in a bit to the complaints I hear a lot regarding marketplace setup (and in regards to a certain security issue that has only been demonstrated several times with no one fixing it…), but could easily make moving items around a cakewalk. When you create the JSON, it’s based on the FULL URL of the item itself, meaning that if you wanted to test it, you’d have to upload everything to either a test folder or the actual destination (Marketplace) and then try it out, only to find it doesn’t work.
    So what I propose is this: Either by a value or by default, let the base URL be definable or based on the home location of the JSON. This is a bit how avatar FSTs work, where the FST states where the avatar model and textures are, but doesn’t contain the full URL. In fact, Entity FSTs (yes, the thing High Fidelity seems to forget about) already do this. So imagine making your JSON for something and testing it on a file server you can easily tinker with at ease. Now, to upload it to the marketplace, you just upload what you already have. No JSON tinkering, no grabbing new URLs. Just use what you already have. Made a recolored version of an existing item? You can almost reuse the same JSON because of the URL carryover.
  3. Ability to Disable Grab Scaling

    Anyone who’s been here for a while in VR knows what I’m talking about. Any item that is grabbable is scalable, which may not be desired. Besides the obvious request of removing “grabbable” from user data and just make it a flat out entity property, the ability to disable grab scaling should also be a thing.
  4. Relocatable Caches and Logs

    This one has been talked about a few times, then discarded. While any tech-savvy homeboy can junction a different directory/drive, this may not always be the case for the less technical folks. Considering how log files seem to make hard drive thrashing return in painful style, this should maybe be poked at as an idea.

I have others, but I’ll keep the list small and procede from here.


GLTF is fine. As long it support embedded textures.
How happy i go be with the new blender is other question for a while.

Between other program i need to use OBJ anyway.