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We have been hearing feedback that people would like easier ways of finding out about upcoming events and new domains. To do this better, we are launching a new “Featured” row in the GoTo app. This row will highlight events and domains recently launched by High Fidelity, and it will be curated by High Fidelity’s marketing and experience teams.

We have implemented an auto slider so you can more easily browse cards in the Featured row. You can also scroll through the different cards as always.

What about “Happening Now”?

“Happening Now” functionality will broadcast to your connections as it does now, with the addition that your stories will show up as Featured.

Beta Release 72

While a neat idea, if someone goes to a featured location, they won’t really know where they are going since it isn’t labelled like the regular places down at the bottom. This also means Recent Snaps and Places will be hidden away when someone uses GoTo in VR, as the keyboard always pops up (input defaults to the location bar, thus prompting the keyboard input).


Can you please make the window narrower I can nearly see one and a half locations I find that too many


Not excited about this feature at this moment with this goto app design.Because, it not fix the main problems in the goto app. it only get worse.

  • Horizontal scrolling is a drama. After around NR. 10 nothing seems to happen, there’s a load delay. you try to keep scrolling horizontal.

  • With only one 2 domains visible its no fun to search for places. especially if you want to look beyond the first 10

Now places are moved down below feature. :worried:


  • I like to see tabs. one for feature, places and recent snaps. (snaps the still not seems usefull? ) With feature tab it’s also more easy with 6 on one page.

  • Scroll vertical, instead of horizontal. Put more places on on page. i guess we could fit 6 places at one page. it make searching much more easy and faster. With feature tab it’s also more easy with 6 on one page.

Add: Why is high fidelity holding so long at horizontal scrolling. most software i know use vertical scrolling.
Mabye horizontal works better if the goto app have tabs and more places on one screen.


And sort the domain without picture at the end… They are not helping to chose a destination.


Actually, to expand on this, there is no indication that there are more than the 2 domains fully shown. Most applications use a scrollbar to indicate that there is something more or an arrow on the edges that indicate going to the next selection.

On top of that, and this one should be the easiest thing to implement: try to indicate to the user that more selections are loading if they do reach the end, like putting a loading circle or something. Loading just 3 to 6 domains then calling it a day doesn’t help and when the selection stops scrolling, most users do not pick up on that the system is loading. Hitting the end means they hit the end, and for someone new coming in, seeing only 6 worlds is not going to entice them very well.

Also, please do not make users teleport when they click a snapshot. A common theme High Fidelity has is not asking the user for confirmation and being a complete trial and error experience. If someone wants to look at a snapshot, they are most commonly going to click that snapshot, and nothing indicates it will teleport them. Having the option to teleport to where the photo was taken should be a feature on the preview of the snapshot. In fact, in VR, this would make fantastic use of the function to turn the tablet to landscape, allowing them to better view the photo instead of having all the extra white space.

I didn’t want to make statements regarding GoTo, since I’ve made my opinions rather known, but since some afterthought made me realize it is clustering the interface even more, I decided to change my mind on that matter.


@Alezia.Kurdis It would be nice if the use the tabs idea you suggested for edit also for the goto tab. It makes the interface simple and the same.

Really like to it. Combined with other suggestions.


Great idea. Will you also feature domains created by users? Do you have other plans to increase discoverability?


I’m less sure in the case of the place list. That list will become very long.
That will need more something like the tablet itself, where you slide pages of many items. This and a good choice of sorting.

A “Like” funtionality for places would be also good to have. I’m realy tired to land on domain with the sanbox floor with nothing else on it.


The tabs are to choice between places or featured and snaps.
Then you need soem good system to scroll on the tablet if your in featured, places or snaps.

I do not like that everything is squeezed into one page right now. And there your tabs are usefull.


Edit.js (Create) also is victomized by this issue. The controls page shows how well things can be when you do use tabs, even if it’s just to separate body tracking from normal controls. Heck, Audio also has similar improvements (even though it’s still a hit and miss at times).

From what I’m gathering, we, the people, the users, really really loves our tabs.


Something like that maybe:

More informations, 2 or 3 visible lines of the description. (it works well for google… should work here too.)

More per pages and sliding entire page.

Toolbars: Home - Back and Forward, Sorting (by number or people, by recent activity… by number of “like”… ) - Search (on name, description, owner)

Picture hyperlink leading to place page.
GO button to teleport.

Snaps and “features” in a separated list under a “What’s new?” pages. (Frankly. the current pictures with “snaptshots” written under, in a questionable ordering is not helping as it is now. )

The domain with No Picture/no description… push them at the end of the list.


Actually, that solves almost all the issues I’ve mentioned by simply changing the info button to Go, which makes more sense. This same layout could even be applied to snapshots, featured, and happening now.

In a demo layout I was to propose, I also did something similar with adjusting the top area, but I do like the 'What’s new?" idea. Perhaps it’d also make sense to have bookmarks accessible from the GoTo menu as well (as for now it’s hidden away in Menu).

I would even go as far as to do a font change on the position information,a s most people are concerned about what domain they’re in, not their position.


Yay the long advocated concept of designiNG something discussing the design amending it. Then finally building it like they do with everything but here lol.


Hum… next time I will draw what I wouldn’t wish… maybe that will work :slight_smile:


we have taken your design ideas on board and implimented them


Hi Everyone,

Thanks a lot for weighing in on this new feature and also additionally providing suggestions for GoTo Redesign. I want to explicitly highlight that this project is not a GoTo redesign. The goal of adding this was to quickly communicate events and new domains to users.

Separately I am aware of the challenges and usability issues in GoTo. We do have it in our road map to address them. But it is further down the lane. Other priorities are keeping the team busy. I will be sure to post it here when we start on that redesign work :slight_smile:


U should remove the goto if your too busy to make it functional it really detracts from the hifi experience
Just add more Portals at welcome

I’m always amazed how low priority the user experience is here. Were paying for domain names and all we get to let people know they exist is a microscopic image 25 boingy drags along somwhere, if were lucky


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