Feedback about the Octber 6th Load Test


The sound was stable. (I can’t tell if I was really earing 100 or 420 persons but it was working fine with what was around me)

The Server seems stable too.

But the rendering (probably on client’s side) didn’t follow for me:

  • There was still some few spheres here and there. I assume this was relatively normal due to the time to load all those avatars.
  • But I was able to see maybe 30% of the audience. (including many entities that was rendered depending my position.) And I’m not talking about spheres. (To figure that, I just used the “People” application, and see everyone that we just not rendered at all.

I have the minimum requirement for VR. I guess it’s not enough for that level of events.

View from the 2 sides of the place:

I have missed completely what happened on the stage. ( I guess I would need to get very close)


The experience was pretty good for me too. I have a decent graphics card and every avatar rendered for me, and the sound was good. Generally speaking everything was stable and working. The only hiccup I had was that twice I tried to use the spectator cam to take a picture and both times it crashed Interface. I stopped trying after that. I did have a random crash as well, but overall it was good. And fun!


The audio where really good, not noticed drops or weird things.
But @philiprosedale need to lower it’s volume a bit. It’s hit a few load tests the limnits so it clips and get distorded. It can be a setting in the domains ite to to set audio volumes.

At the other side at times the audio hwer eto laod for people to communicate and the where in corners. Not the center.


Well, I have been logged from Austria, Europe without any problems.
Only some sheres where there, but sound fantastic, environment fantastic and the server work all the time…

Hell, I like it very very much, we are on the beginning of something new.

Possibilities over possibilities…

Thank You all, 4 this fanstastic event!


I love the pics of fully rendered avatars. Mine were mostly white spheres and I’m in central coast CA with 22Mbps down, and a VR-centric PC (GTX 1060-6gb, 32gb RAM. So, hmmm.

That being said, I would jump out to my own sandbox and then jump back in, and the avatars would appear. But then I would be disconnected from the server for a split second, reconnect, and then it was back to the white dots. The sound was great, so my problems were only visual. I’m just bummed I missed those great avatars in the contest.

P.S. I never could find the kiosk to check in. Does anyone know where that was? The people I ran into couldn’t find it either…


Here’s what I saw

Avatars mostly not loading, this is the biggest issue because it really takes away from the shared experience which is sort of the point of piling into one area like that (I know, the point was testing, but we’re not robots(I know, some of you are robots, no offence)).

Framerate was good, not great, but usable. The update rate however (avatars moving, flowbones etc…) did frequently drop to slideshow levels.

Sound was mostly good, no dropouts but levels were weird at times (people far away louder than those close by)

People were nice, some of the nicest orb’s I have had the pleasure of meeting.

Q: is there no cashing on avatars? Even though I had previously loaded some people’s avatar elsewhere they were just as spherical as everybody else in loadtest, is there not some kind of appearance UUID so for 20 Woody’s, I only have to download 1 and as long as people don’t change avatar, I can just fetch it from cashe.

RavenLuna I believe, if you where logged in with the username you put on the eventbrite form you do not need to check in.

40/40Mbit(EU), gtx1080, i5 8600k, 16GB ram


That reminds me: I forgot to snapshot it like I did the last stress test but I did notice one nice perk to gzip compression on my server: it seriously lowered the bandwidth cost. At no point did my server peak over 9 Mbps during the entire stress test delivering my avatar and it seems that most people this time didn’t have too much of an issue grabbing it since the total size is roughly 2.5 MB compressed.

Uncompressed Total Compressed Total Total Savings
Total 4813.68 KiB 2639.87 KiB 45%

Assuming all 426 people had to download my avatar (spoiler, everyone had to, see link below), that’s a savings of 904 MiBs that didn’t need to be sent out (1098.2 MiB compressed vs 2002.6 MiB uncompressed)!

My conquest for optimization still continues. Hopefully, by the next stress test, Issue #14086 will be fixed.

Just figured I’d mention that one result, since the stress testing isn’t always just on the server everyone is on, but the servers that also host eachother’s content.


@philip As per my mentioning at the meeting, here are the results:

URI Uncompressed (KiB) Compressed (KiB) Savings Percent
{REDACTED}/Therion_AV_Flow.fst 3.74 0.90 76%
{REDACTED}/Therion_AV_Flow.baked.fbx 677.24 435.09 36%
{REDACTED}/body_d.ktx 682.87 480.77 30%
{REDACTED}/body_f_d.ktx 1361.92 582.16 57%
{REDACTED}/body_n.ktx 341.54 232.99 32%
{REDACTED}/body_r.ktx 42.86 18.47 57%
{REDACTED}/eye_d.ktx 170.86 62.92 63%
{REDACTED}/eye_n.ktx 341.54 241.46 29%
{REDACTED}/eye_r.ktx 42.86 1.24 97%
{REDACTED}/head_d.ktx 341.54 150.43 56%
{REDACTED}/head_f_d.ktx 341.54 163.18 52%
{REDACTED}/head_n.ktx 341.54 203.43 40%
{REDACTED}/head_r.ktx 42.86 17.84 58%
{REDACTED}/horns_d.ktx 21.53 9.28 57%
{REDACTED}/horns_r.ktx 5.53 2.32 58%
{REDACTED}/teeth_d.ktx 42.86 28.98 32%
{REDACTED}/teeth_r.ktx 10.85 8.41 22%
Total 4813.68 2639.87 45%

However, as mentioned above, issue 14086 results in the KTX textures not being cached.


I’m new. Came in on desktop. I have good midlevel equipment and connection. Here is what I saw:
I logged in when there were a hundred-ish avatars. I saw room of geometric line drawn spheres. One by one they would resolve into avatars and persist. Eventually there were no spheres.
Audio was good. Phillip needed to get his mic and levels sorted, way over modulated. But he was understandable.
Frame rate was acceptable for a semi static event like this. I may be tolerant of this from a decade in Second Life.
I absolutely missed not figuring out/ability of flying my camera for a better view of the stage, contest, etc. Hopefully that was just my ignorance. If not ignorance then my opinion is that flycam is mandatory needed development to make the platform more useful.
My frame rate stayed same through out the event. I stayed till there was 100 avatars remaining.
I don’t know if this is intentional or not but although my experience in the room was consistent I was wondering where these 403 avatars were. I only saw the crowded room but when I open the friends dialog, holy moly there were a lot of dots! Fortunately I saw the people on stage etc. that mattered (no offence to anyone!).
I just went with it considering me as a newby.
Overall it was a positive experience. Not a deal breaker for a newby like SL which has been known to lag so badly that you just stall and crash. Which is not so positive experience.
That’s what I saw.