Feedback Requested on Keyboard Remapping Concept


Hello All,

We’re considering providing a mechanism to allow custom keyboard mappings.

We’d like to offer the concept to the community for early feedback.

Presented here are the associated screens. We’d love to know your thoughts!

If there’s enough interest we can prioritize this feature for future development.

Looking forward to hearing from you!



This is a feature I would like to use. UI mockups make sense to me. In addition I would also very much welcome the ability to add additional action that could be named as required. Adding additional presets would also be very welcome I’m sure.

I’m unsure of the difficulty to implement these requests, but as you’re asking that’s how I’d like it to work.


If I understand what you are proposing, all bindings will be remappable? If so, then I think that would be good.

The thing I don’t understand is how it is shown in the pictures above. Why would the default settings split forward/backward and rotate right/rotate left to left and right hands?

It would seem to me that having basic movement control all done by the same hand would be more intuitive for users.

Also, a simple button that would swap all left and right controller functions would be something that left handed / right handed people would find useful.


Personally I was looking forward to complaining about whatever keyboard commands were chosen.this system puts the blame onto me .I’m not sure I can handle that kind of responsibility


To somewhat explain, that is how it is right now when using Advanced Movement for Hand Controllers (or per this example, Free Movement mode). In a way, this same binding method would allow users to also bind everything to just one controller as well, but the user would have to decide upon rotation or strafing.

As for my 5 cents, a useful option would be a radius definition for the “TrackPad Center” for the Vive and/or deadzone definitions for the Oculus. This way, if a user finds the center to be too big or small, they can change it. Same goes with maybe an Oculus user wanting to not apply as much of a push forward on their controller to move forward.

Another nickle goes into a “Restore Default Bindings” button… but please, a confirmation check would be great (“Are you sure you want to restore default bindings?”).

And the final one, but this shouldn’t delay the remapping concept to accomplish; Please allow the bindings to be known via scripting. This could immensely help out scripters who may want to focus on making a custom movement system but want to use the same bindings for user convenience.


Why button remapping fir the vive and oculus ? As far i know that where fine.

  • But i want to remap my xbox one controller. So i can use it to look around on one stick and walk on the other.
  • And the keybosrd ? I read nothing about that.

For my configure the xbox one controller more important then the vive or oculus… After the xbox controller keyboard is important.

Add: i not found time to retest vr. but we can still steer by looking into a direction i hope. That function rocks with the vive. And sometimes suck :grinning: Also judt mov g by guchng the vive pad would be good. but i like a bigger deadzone.

So, where are this important config options we need ?


Don’t forget that there are Windows Mixed Reality controllers out there, not just Oculus or Vive.

Also, what about the keyboard and mouse? In for a penny, in for a pound. :wink:


We would love to be able to add a tool that allows you to create your own presets! These mockups are definitely a first step, so this is something I’d like to keep in mind for future improvements. Thanks for your input.


Thanks for your input. Currently this is how the controls are mapped in High Fidelity. Our goal here isn’t to redesign the controls as the moment, but just offer a way to change them. So basically, this is also documenting what we currently have mapped. Does that make sense?

I was thinking about your feedback on the left and right presets, and I’m wondering about the utility of this. We don’t have any fine motor actions for either side, where you would benefit from using your dominant hand. Can you maybe give a use case for this?


This was an oversight on my part, for the keyboard and mouse. We designed it, but I forgot to add the wireframe to the post. Adding it now!

As for the Windows Mixed Reality controllers, we’re aware we’re leaving it out. Currently they are supported, but not heavily documented from what I can tell. I hope to add them in future improvements.


Great feedback on the confirmation of resetting to default. That’s something I’m looking to add. As for the allowing bindings to be known for scripting, this would be output to a json or something similar, so it would be available AFAIK


Here’s the keyboard/mouse that I left out.


I don’t like using SPACE and CONTROL for up and down because CONTROL is used by other scripts to look up and down and SPACE is used for everything from pause/play to shoot/fire etc.

Why not pick Z, X, C, or V? Or anything else. I know these will just be the default key mappings but telling new users they have to change their keyboard mappings to make stuff work correctly seems like a bad choice.

Also, having no ALT KEY / BUTTON equivalent for strafe L and R means that you can not do single right handed motion control without reaching over to the other side of the keyboard. Doesn’t SHIFT L and R arrow do strafe now?

I don’t think Macs have single key PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN but they have worked for us for the ALT KEY / BUTTON up and down up til now, and the very few Macs that are used in HiFi can always remap to something else.


Thanks for the feedback. Our goals with adjusting the navigation controls have been in an effort to standardize the character controls to be more familiar with gamers and users of 3D tools. Thus, bringing new users on board will require less learning on their part.

SHIFT + L, R arrows does strafe now and we aren’t looking to change that. But we do need to make it clear you can select multiple inputs in the remap in one action, so thanks for pointing that out.


Hi, I’d like to disable the d-pad style partitioning of the left Vive pad, so as to have analogue walk speed & direction (and no teleport button there). At the moment, the only way to do this seems to be by hacking ViveControllerManager.cpp.

Would that be doable with this remapping mechanism, or through a script eventually?


I think eventually we could implement this as a sort of preset defined here. For now, we’ll keep it in mind for future improvements. After this is implemented get at me, or post it so we can look into how many people are requesting this.


I really like to have option to assign a mute key in keyboard mode. Mabye vive to.


I really like to set a deadzone on my xbox left stick. It’s so hyper sensitive !


If you check the wireframes for keyboard I posted later on in this thread, you’ll see the mute/unmute remapping for keyboard. Will keep it in mind for VR. Would be super useful.


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