Field of View Default


Should the default vertical field of view be changed from the current 90 degrees to, say, 60 degrees?

At 90 degrees, the world appears to distort quite alarmingly /sickeningly towards the edges of the window as you turn.

At 60 degrees (same as Second Life), the world behaves much more nicely, I find.


I have to lower mine anytime my preferences are reset. I much prefer it lower than the default.


While we are on about defaults… would it be better to have the default entry position for an avatar be 0m rather than up in the stars? New users may not realize there is a ground level with “daylight” style lighting and even a “sun” unless they “Pg Dwn” 300m.

Also, the zone where there is daylight and normal lighting before the stars appear is only about 10m. I.e. you are in space at 10m! Would it be better if that was say 500m?


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I never realized that was suppose to be a planet I thought it was a nubbin or something. Does it have an atmosphere or is it like living in the uk?


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