Fighting the Stack-manager for special setup


Ok, i want to have a test server, that i can reach by typing my domain name. because placename is already linked to other system. Well, that’s really fighting or impossible.

Also because i got a few time sthe question about this. Some people don;t like the centralized idea. With opensim you can have a sim and access it. Sofar i see it seems impossible without placename with high fidelity. the domain name is pointing to my ip. access it by external ip fails. only internal ip works. and i have not found any option to configure network settings.

Sofar i still failed, now i made by accident a temp placename. but there’s no option to delete it ?
Also when you create a temporarly palcename you cann ot abort that process. this temporarly placename thing need some work and easy way to delete it or cancel the process when you activate it by accident.

Now i need to wipe the configs and start over… :open_mouth:

Check: Am right if i can say your forced to buy a placename if you want to access your domain from outside ? Or people need to modify the complete source code what also create problems.

Possibl;e want more freedom then possible right now in high fidelity with 2 servers. but running 2 servers with same domain is asking for troubles too.

Ok, that’s the fighting…

A bit more fighting, copied the config files from stack A to Stack B. still seems to have connection problems. normally that need to work. This seems to happen because automatic networking where reversed from FULL mode back to other settings.

And now that domain is complete dead. still see not connected. in interface. domain server looks fine. Intressting.

ADD: Ok, ther emabye some thinking errors. and missed a few steps, i found when i where trying to fix the locked domain errors.


Ok, this worked not so easy as expected. not sure why you cannot move the server from A to B and start it again. It seesm you need make a new domain. then unlink the old domain from placename and the new one.

And this i need todo everytime i want to change the server.:eek