File mising from stack manager glew32.dll prevents running


Hi all,
just beginning and clueless :-), I have downloaded the stack manager 3x and each time I get program failed to run because glew32.dll is missing try relaoding the program to fix this problem.

that what it says when I start the server, I can access the settings and all looks fine but no clue why Im not getting the required file any help be greatly appreciated.


hi there I have had the same issue - i managed to find the file and download it but now i have a secondary missing file! - sixence dll is missing - any help or bonafida download for this would be gratefully received :wink:


Where did you find the glew32.dll file Firefly?


Hi all - please close and reopen your stack managers, glew32 is now packaged with requirements.

@swaffette.firefly are you sure this error is coming up with Stack Manager and not interface? Sixense is not required by any stack component, only the viewer (interface) links to it. In such case as it is indeed interface that’s complaining, please uninstall and make sure you download the latest version from

If it is stack manager, please post a screenshot of what you’re seeing. thanks!



Hi all.
Okay, re-downloaded both interface and stack manager, now as I start the stack manager it almost imediately has a program stopped working pop up telling windows searching for the problem then the second pop-up with “A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.” Of course no solution has been forthcomming and yesterday with the glew32 missing everything seemed to work now nothing it just closes. Really at a loss here so any and all help so much appreciated.