File selector terrible, incomplete and confusing


It’s possible already know. But i needed to change the defaultscript to local disk. That’s a hard task in high fidelity todo.

I found the following problems

  • Not all files are displayed could not find defaultscripts.js
  • It’s impossible to see what directory’s are and what files
  • Impossible the copy and paste or enter manual the path or filename in the edit box at the bottom. It’s set read only
  • Just looked again, missing the filesize. More important for me then date

At the end i copied and paste the path and filename from my good old Total Commander. Still best tool you can have. So at least defaultscripts.js is fixt.


Wonders why it just doesn’t use the OS file system like everything else does


Because it has to work under the influence of an HMD, although one could layer the OS dialog onto the QML layer pane.


Another bug, if you type the drive letter straight into the top edit field. like c: you not change drive.


Correct… we need this to work in the HMD… and we can’t use native controls in the HMD (sadly)… this was not the path we wanted to go down… trust me, we looked for other alternatives…


But i think the current one is not converted to QML ?


Will people actually upload models whilst wearing a vr headset, have you?


Another Good thing, if the asset is LOCKED inworld. it would be very good if you cannot delete the asset from the asset directory and disk. Some easy failsafe.

Yes, It’s my own fault if by accident a file get deleted. That is why the lock is a good function to have on assets to. But i still like it that you can remove not used assets etc. Not like SL where storage only bloat and bloat because not used assets.


I’m not sure what you’re asking. The current file selector dialogs are all working inside the HMD and all happen to be written in QML…


That is what i wanted to know. so it’s QML. But old style UI


Ah yes… correct: we haven’t updated it to the new style guide yet.