Fireflies on walls and stuff


I seem to be getting little twinkling white fireflies on walls

I had decided they were to do with using edge split but on this wall there are no splits. Its like i’m maybe seeing something beyond the wall.

Anyone else getting them?


What ever you do. Don’t open that other dimension.


Nah havent seen these yet. Maybe we have a crack in time? Will check out later.


I saw that on one model once when I was testing out different PBR stuff. I don’t remember the exact mapping I was using. Sorry I can’t be more specific but I have been using PR7281 a lot lately and it may have been when using that. For me at least, I just changed the way I was using the different textures and settings and it went away.

Maybe specular influence of a texture in blender or maybe using a texture with an alpha channel where I should not have been. As far as I’ve been able to tell so far, albedo (diffuse) is the only texture that will work with an alpha component.


That’s possible i shall play wiv mi settings thanks @Twa_Hinkle


I have seen something similar, when I use normal maps, they seem to sprinkle a few white pixels randomly about on the diffuse.