Firewall causing problems


I seem to be having problems with my firewall (Zone alarm)

Every time the stack manager updates, Zone alarm needs to ask for and allow access but it doesnt always.
Sometimes when I go to my domain it shows up red (offline) and if I turn my firewall off momentarily and back on then it comes good, and suddenly Zone alarm asks 5 times if it can allow stack manager access, sometimes the dropdown appears to let me say ok sometimes it doesnt.

I dont fully understand why this is happening, to make matters worse, I have been leaving my domain running overnight so people can come and have a look, and when I get up in the morning there are zone alarm notifications asking for access, this means someone came to my domain but were probably not allowed entry. How can I fix this,even if I allow the program it still seems to block people.

Anyone else with Zone Alarm who might like to chime in here please?


@Adrian Not using zone-alarm but can you not set the ports static in zone-alarm ?

Also , this create a new problem, because we still cannot set curom ports in the stack-manager. The say its detecting automatic. Still need to try that on other system, afraid it can give problems with firewalls.