Firewall Ports - Private Server


I’ve forwarded ports 40100-40105 TDP/UDP but I cannot connect to my domain on a private server. Is there something I’m missing? I have networking set to IP and it is showing the ip address and port.


Note that the 40100 is the public web interface, so I suggest putting up a HTTP Authentication if you want to make it available to the public. For testing purposes, you can forward it, but if you want to make it permanent, I suggest only accessing it via a vpn/ssh tunnel or adding a very hard password to the authentication

You can check if the forwarding configurations on the servers being correct via the public ip address in a browser: http://<server-public-ip-address>:40100. If you can connect, then you should have the port forwarding correct. You can also double check the Local UDP here under Metaverse / Networking > Advanced Settiongs > Local UDP Port

“Local UDP Port” is the port you want to forward both udp/tcp. By default high fidelity expect 40102, if you do not have a place name that does the configuration for you.


To fill in the blanks, by default, the assignment-clients the actual parts that handle the load, pick ports at random. This has been a feature request for awhile…

…so let me show you my solution:

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. ./domain-server >> $HFLOG/domain-$TIMESTAMP.log&
#behold, the old way
#./assignment-client -n 5 >> $HFLOG/assignment-$TIMESTAMP.log&

# Controlled Start up
# Audio-mixer
./assignment-client -p 40200 -t 0 >> $HFLOG/assignment-audiomixer-$TIMESTAMP.log&
# Avatar-mixer
./assignment-client -p 40201 -t 1 >> $HFLOG/assignment-avatarmixer-$TIMESTAMP.log&
# Asset-server
./assignment-client -p 40202 -t 3 >> $HFLOG/assignment-assetserver-$TIMESTAMP.log&
# Messages-server
./assignment-client -p 40203 -t 4 >> $HFLOG/assignment-messagesserver-$TIMESTAMP.log&
# Entity-script-server
./assignment-client -p 40204 -t 5 >> $HFLOG/assignment-entityscriptserver-$TIMESTAMP.log&
# Entity-server
./assignment-client -p 40205 -t 6 >> $HFLOG/assignment-entityserver-$TIMESTAMP.log&


This lets you define the port numbers for all the various assignments. This does make things more complicated and lengthier to start, but if you REALLY have to define the ports, then this is how.

Note the log stuff is really optional, so to each their own. Note this is the Linux solution. I did make a windows version if you really need it:

As always, run and download at your own risk.


Thank you FlameSoulis, this worked perfect.