First alpha test


I could install the OSX package without problems and login. First screenshot in High Fidelity attached.

I just had time to play around with camera and movement controls via keyboard and webcam. I can look around and move around (sort of) by rotating the head and tilting forward and backwards, impressive. I see that some facial expressions including smiles are reproduced. Should hand movements (raise hand, clap hands) be captured as well? If so, that doesn’t work for me yet.
First impression is as I thought: very alpha but awesome potential. I will try to attend the meetup tomorrow.


Nice, we don’t have support for the upper body at the moment, the webcam only track basic facial expressions.


It was great to see you guys at the Alpha meetup yesterday. I used Mac builds 355 and then 356. Some feedback:

The main problem I had is that the sound volume is very low (it may depend on local settings since I am using a borrowed Mac, but I turned the system sound volume to maximum and the HiFi sound is still low). The sound volume increases when I get close to the speaker, but is still pretty low. Perhaps the sound is “too spatialized” and drops off too fast with the distance?

I understand that I am supposed to see a glow on the avatars who are speaking, but I see no such thing.

I believe it may be easier to learn how to use the interface in small groups of 2 or 3 users. I will post here before logging in the next time, hoping that somebody joins me.

I will try to use a non-default avatar next time. What is the fastest way to get one? I see that yesterday many people were using the same humanoid avatar, can I just choose one from the interface’s menu?

Voxel creation seems easy and intuitive, at least for basic Minecraft-like cubic structures. My very first voxels in the picture below. One little problem: when you switch from the chat window to the main window by clicking, that creates a new voxel.


Yep; go to Edit/Preferences and click on the magnifying glass icons next to the “Head” and “Body” URLs. You should see a dialog allowing you to choose from a set of preexisting models.