First attempt to upload a non-attached mesh


Hello everyone. I am attempting to upload a candle I made in Blender. I have saved it out as an .obj with triangulated faces and the path mode set to relative. I then downloaded the .fbx converter from the link provided by Judas, setting the FBX Save Mode to ASCII. I moved it to dropbox, grabbed the link, and it uploaded. The results were not what I expected.

Here is a picture of the candle in Blender:

And here is what came into High Fidelity:

Am I missing some step? Does anyone have a clue about what I did wrong?


Did you upload using the editmodels.js? Can you send me a URL to the .fbx


I did upload using the edit model script. Judas was kind enough to join me in world and he found a few things I did not do. The first was to check the Write Normals box in Blender. He said that without doing this, the textures would not come in. Then I took it through the FBX converter again.

He checked the link I was using to dropbox, and I have an unpaid dropbox account. He found that it did not work for him, unless he clicked on the link, which took him to another page with a much longer url. The longer url did work.

Something fairly small came into world, and I almost did not see it. Judas did see it, and I clicked right and left mouse buttons to scale it up. To my dismay, I had forgotten check the “Selected Only” box in Blender, and everything in that Blender file came in. The file contained a line of church furnishings I had made for Second Life. I wonder though, given the small scale it came in at, if at one point perhaps my candle import did work and there is a tiny, tiny candle out there somewhere that I missed seeing.

Judas was kind enough to point out that it was interesting that all of that stuff (a lot of polys) did not break the sandbox. I observed that it could have been worse, if I had been a maker of adult things and had filled the sandbox with dildoes and other things.

I have had probably just the first of many “Doh” noob moments. I am sure that if there is a way to attach a voxel cube to my head, I will find it.


I deleted the object at the url because Judas told me that was the only way to delete the mesh. It still showed, but he assured me it would disappear after a bit.


Hi @Vivienne. Try these steps:
1)File -> Export -> Wavefront (.obj)
a)Apply Modifiers
b)Include Edges
c)Write Normals
d)Include UVs
e)Write Materials
f)Triangulate Faces
g)Objects as OBJ Objects
h)RELATIVE path mode

Then take the obj with all the images files which need to be in ONE directory and use the Autodesk FBX Converter x64 2013 tool to create your .fbx.

Save the .fbx in the same folder and upload to a server. Then use the editmodels.js script and bring in-world.


Success at last! I signed up for the year of free acess to Amazon’s AWS, and was able to successfully upload both the candle and the coffee pot with textures. I guess I do not have permissions set on my personal web space properly to upload from there. I played with it a bit, but decided to try this to see if the web space was the issue, and it appears to be so.

thanks everyone for your help and advice with this.

Next step. Can I apply materials to these and upload them? In Second Life I upload the textures separately and apply them in world. I will have to learn to do this in Blender and see if I can bring that information into High Fidelity on the model.


Nice Vivienne
Awesome, well done


Hi @Vivienne great models! You can apply materials and/or textures and upload them from blender just make sure you save out as an .obj and use the fbx convert tool and relative paths and triangulate faces and write normals options.