First Impressions and Suggestions


Some first impressions and suggestions:

  • MARKET PLACE & SELF HOSTING - Nice how easily you can bring things in quickly and how easy it is to host your own server. SUGGESTION: It would be nice if you could chose your own place name for your host server for the free 30 day trial. I think more people would join that way as they would feel more like it’s their own creation.

  • ** AVATAR VIEW** - The avatar felt a bit creepy with a 2D-like sprite that doesn’t really move but is stuck to the screen. SUGGESTION: I think if you add an animation overrider, it would feel more like a 3D character than a 2D character by providing some subtle 3D movements. Also some of your residents may not wish to always see their own face on screen; so maybe give them an option to turn off the front face cam. We want to see facial expressions, but probably more on others than on ourselves.

  • AVATAR GRAVITY - I was surprised to see that avatars don’t have their own physical gravity. Are there plans to include physics and gravity so the residents feel more of a physical connection to the environment? Also the speed for movements feels really slow, which impacts on how long people try things out and the first impressions they take away from their visit. It would be nice to have a fly mode too – as I think we all want to feel something a bit supernatural from virtual reality at times.

  • STARTER CONTENT - Part of why Unity Technologies is so successful is how they take the great technology (engineering) and mix it together with great creative content (art) to give people a place to start out quickly. I see High Fidelity trying a similar route, but you could use some really great items to showcase the High Fidelity environment made by people on your own team. While you can always port in items from other sources, people see the difference when the environment and characters are all custom made by creatives specifically for that starter pack. And content creators may be more willing to join a market place when they see that – especially if they see you take measures to protect their IP rights and content.

Well those are my initial impressions. Hope they help. I installed HiFi on 3 computers before I got it running. Even my brand new Wacom Cintiq Companion 2 could not get the viewer to work as I just saw a stretched cursor when I ran the client viewer. Oddly enough my 3-year-old MacBook Pro was able to run the server and client.