Five Things High Fidelity Does Better Than Sansar


Five things High Fidelity does better than Sansar:

Can you think of a few more? I will update this blogpost with the ones you come up with.


You forgot ‘flying’.


Oh yes! I did forget!!

Thank you!

Blogpost is updated to six things!

  • cooperative building


You also have alot more control over custom avatars;

  • On the fly Scripting and scripts that can run only on your client
  • CUSTOM avatars, not just customizable ones with attachments
  • Inworld freedom to do things

Let me give some examples:

You can manipulate object behavior on the fly instead of relying on things to occur: Like in this silly video where i just experimented with Attaching a camera to the end of a stick, then making it physical. I also bound my track pad to change my emotion state on the fly while in the HMD.

Avatars can also be, honestly alot more expressive, in HiFi compared to Sansar, due to the ability to have completely custom shapes instead of Attachments. which also are completely doable (my coat is an attachment I can change on the fly)

There also is quite alot of flexibility of creation of addons: like the clap script, allowing you to clap while in HMD. Scripting it self extends the possibilities to be quite large:

Or even cast a spell using gestures and vocal control, if you have the scripting know how. This also demonstrates me switching out my attachments via a script.

Or if you have an avatar with many bones, you can create an avatar specific customizer

This ofcourse has gone even further and allowed the use of flow bones in High Fidelity, where bones are simulated as well by others touching them.

Then there is

  • Running (customizable speeds)
  • Flying

And everything can be done while in HMD, without having to jump on and off it. Alot of the features are waay deeper than the surface.


I’d like to add:

Data in.
Data out.

Anarchy period begins this summer… Mic dropped.


OK I have updated my blogpost to SEVEN things that HiFi does better than Sansar:


We can also have alternative methods of movements, such as the hook guns, that can be created anywhere with rez permissions. And the run speeds can be completely customized via scripts


Javascript / HTML for developing.