Fix Avatar Collision - Add Options


As it stands, Avatar Collision is broken in the way that it forces you to push others away when you touch them without the choice to turn it off. I like the feature, but only if I’m allowed to toggle it at will. It is impossible to turn this off as disabling ‘Avatar Collisions’ causes all avatar collision to be disabled so even when I jump I never come back down (in VR).

My suggestion is to add a separate option to allow for me to enable/disable colliding with other players without disabling the rest of the features that come with avatar collision.


I second this. Avatar to Avatar collision should exist on both client and at the very least, domain level. This is especially a problem if you have another event and have a few avatars spawning at the same spot (cough cough you can totally fix it with the spawn spacer. wheeze (actually sick)).

Not to mention, I showed how easily this can be abused when I activated avatar collision on my ‘truCollide’ script, which adds extra collision points so I can fully interact with objects without any additional input. At the same time, I did also show how well it can work in some unique cases (holding smaller avatars in your hand for example). However, this is a recipe for disaster. And wasn’t mentioned in the change notes.


Yep, I’ve always wanted avatar collisions so we can interact, but I didn’t want it to be so… uncustomizable. We need to be able to work on much more levels than simply bumper cars. I want to be able to touch someone and not have my hand go through them right away, I want to be able to touch features, or like you said very much so I would like to hold a small avatar in the palm of my hand or on my shoulder.

As it stands, this needs some work so until we’re at better levels, it needs to give us the option or else any player-to-player interaction won’t work for the time being.

But let me reaffirm, I don’t want them to undo what they did, avatar collisions is extremely valuable and arguably necessary for the metaverse at all levels. I just want it to have some checkbox options until it’s workable so we can actually interact until such a time.