Fix for thick shoulders on avatar?


I’ve made an avatar that looks just fine in Fuse/Blender but when I import it to Hifi the shoulders get really beefy. Any advice for how to make them more normal looking?



Reducing it in Fuse.

But that’s not doing miracles.

It’s clearly a problem.

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Thanks. I can do that, but then when I use the same avatar in other programs I have to have different settings right… seems to be a known bug then?



Would worth to be log as a bug in Canny.



I saw a video that suggested opening it in Maya and saving it b4 bringing it to blender fixed this.
It’s supposedly blender misreading low value weights some how
@Menithal usually knows what’s going on

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I take great care to not edit my fuse avatar in blender, but the issue is present in HF.
The trouble is not specific to fuse avatar by the way.
It started after a release done one year ago related to a “better” method used for articulation computation.



That release:



oh was it the preserve volume thing? in avatar modifier?



This is caused by our use of dual quaternion skinning. I’ve been advocating for a user toggle so you can choose (standard) linear skinning if you want. The trade-off is: linear skinning will collapse the wrists when you roll your hands. DQ skinning creates bulby shoulders. The traditional way to skin wrists so they deform nicely uses roll joints, but most avatars don’t come set up with roll joints. DQ skinning, while too bulky in shoulders, at least does not collapse wrists.

Here’s a youtube video that shows the differences:

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Interesting thanks
It’s odd HiFi not supporting the rig it’s rig is based on. I don’t use mixamo but it’s been the recommended choice for new users.