Fixed my issue by uninstalling "Avast" anti-virus


I finally got past that long long delay on startup.

I’m not sure exactly why Avast was interfering so much, but I switched recently to a different anti-virus and all delays ceased. Since may I had to double click the icon and go make coffee before I could even log in.

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I suspect that interface.exe is a relatively little known file and the regular updates may give anti virus apps the heebie jeebies about its safety.

I know that Norton complains that the file is unknown and even when I tell Norton to trust the file, the file gets replaced in a pretty short space of time.

I’d imagine that as Alpha grows and the files (and publisher) become more trusted, these sort of issues will disappear.

  • Wich avast version did you run ? 2014 seems to work fine. but i heart problems with 2015


I’m not 100% sure, I was in the middle of trying to upgrade, and it was blocking Chrome from opening. It was blocking “notifier”. However it also said my account was expired and I had to find out by logging in. I took it personally and just uninstalled without a second thought. If I figure out what version I had installed I’ll post it here. Vipre has given me no issues so far.