Flame Shader For Box Entity


version 7 available

I wanted to create a modification to the flame shader so here it is being rendered onto 3 box entities.

{"ProceduralEntity":{"shaderUrl":"http://metaversecafes.com/HighFidelity/QueenCity/shaders/flame_v7.fs" }}

Controlled Burn created. This .fs has no RayMarcher and is less taxing on the cycle. I have prepared it with V2 Uniforms for when that support is live (alpha).

        "ProceduralEntity": {
            "shaderUrl": "http://metaversecafes.com/HighFidelity/QueenCity/shaders/control_burn_v2.fs"

Play with the uniforms to change color and viscosity. :smile:


Judas learns that flammable and inflammable mean the same thing

lovely shader