Flaregun: Light the Darkness!


If you have handcontrollers, here is a new toy you can use.
It creates a flaregun that one may use as a tool to signal, or light dark areas.
Unlike on Friday, you should now be able to dual wield it, it should attach to your hands with correct rotations, AND the flare light now flickers and fizzes out along with the particles.
I also placed a couple of them around the Playa Main area, but eventually may bring it to the further away places.


Enjoy :slight_smile: Released under CC Attribution 4.0


Nice, clean code.
I like the use of multiple particles, your artistic sensibilities clearly are beneficial.


Great work! Beautiful. We want to put it into the examples section.


Sure, although id like to improve the textures and fix the last bugs before that :slight_smile:


Flare gun party in , uhmm. two months ?:slight_smile:



Let’s talk about it at today’s meeting and the future of the examples and interim marketplace


I released the flaregun on the marketplace, its currently under review process. I fixed tons of the issues that it had :slight_smile:


So i can now grab it. Without shooting myself or someone else in th foot ? :smile:


Yes, the version that goes on the marketplace has that fixed. I need to do the same with the hookgun later.