Flexible customizable terrains


I have read that the voxel server has been removed.


Is there or will be there another way to customize flexiblly terrains? From Second Life I know it so, that existing sims are sometimes partially rebuilt, then it is necessary, to adapt partially the terrain. With mesh terrains that’s not possible.



I believe its just removed for the time being so the developers can focus on graphics sound and the large selections of cakes and pastries they bought with the 11 million


WHat i know, the removed terrain for now. it comes back. but the implement physics first. It’s after that more easy to implement terrain. And i expect for what i have seen in the past that i’s going to be far ahead of what you can do in SL now. and much better.

We just need to wait a bit, meanwhile i can build parts, and script parts.


Hello You Two,

Thank you for your anwers. Yes, we must not forget the software is still in alpha stage. Let’s wait and see what brings the future. :wink: