Flipped normals


I have weird problem, flipped normals that are not flipped in blender.

I have hide the glass in blender to show it betetr.

Also backface culling is not showing anything wrong.


Have you applied the scale in blender?


Yes i did, it’s set to 1,1,1 not sure what that have todo with normals. :open_mouth:
Think i found the problem,. wrong material :open_mouth: That where tricky to see. without opensim i not did found it.


negatively scaled normal’s can become inverse.

crap i sound like spok


Make sure the glass is separate from the main model. You should avoid have a edge that has more than two faces comming out of it as well :slight_smile: incase it is that


I do not use seperate glass, for the simple reason the align it would be a disaster/impossible. but my glass works fine. i just did add for soem reason glass texture to the faces.