Flygame at Hyperspace


Hi all,

my flygame is operational at HyperSpace! Tested with Dr Fran (Thank you). Try to beat my Highscore. The console is located at HyperSpace/2172,321,1704 (paste in your goto).

Happy flying,



Super great game. See if you can beat my time !!!


best of 3


Hi Judas,

Thanks for testing! You managed to get franny of the highscore list! Lets see who can beat your time.




New round. New chances. I had to reboot the script. Yossi did not complete his round. Thanks for testing Yossi. Now I can improve my timeout function, it did not reset well. I have improved it. So it should work now. Unfortunately I had to reset the scores.


new record by thoys!


It’s always @thoys fault.


Chocka the SpeedRunner!