Flying stops when an object is touched


Bug: When a solid object is hit while flying, the avatar stops flying and starts falling. This is especially annoying when small objects are hit mid-air.

Expected effect: collision occurs, velocity goes down temporarily, and flying continues.


Hi @mold, you can prevent this by disable the ‘grabbing’ option in edit, of simply by lock the object.


I am referring to when one is flying anywhere and collides with any object, even other users.

e.g. say I am in Rust, and am flying, and accidentally collide with another person who is also flying. We both will start dropping out of the air. Or, if I collide with the overhead railing, I start falling, and then am unable to begin flying again until I’ve collided with the ground.


It makes a bit sense. :grinning:
If you would do this in Real Life. Im pretty sure you both will drop down to. :grin:

But the other part i don’t know. it’s a while ago.
I need to setup things again.


I’m sure you would, but in this case it’s very sensitive! I can barely touch an object while flying and start plummeting.


This bugs me sometimes too… basically it wants to stand you on any physical shape anywhere near your feet, maybe it could bounce once before trying to land?


I find the autolanding to be very annoying, personally. I expended a bit of effort just to let my VR controller know that I want to fly, not just jump. I’ll land when I darn well choose to land, where I choose to land. Why is it taboo to hover a few centimeters from the floor? In VR mode in particular, it feels like you drop to the floor while still relatively high up with no say on the matter.