Focus on Open Source Project Proposals, Jobs Board set to Read-Only

Thank you to everyone who has participated in posting or responding on the Jobs board in our forums. As we move forward with our Open Source Project Proposals, we want to focus attention on collaborations there, and as such, will be setting the Jobs board to read-only.

The next Open Source Project Proposals meeting will be Wednesday, June 12 from 9-10am PDT / 4-5pm UTC.

As always, any job openings at High Fidelity will be posted on our jobs page.

The Jobs board will be set to read-only mode at 4:00pm PDT today (May 17th).

Thank you!

How does this make sense? If someone wants to find a person for a project, one that may not be open source, where are they to go now?

Not to mention, you state the next meeting is June 12. So why suddenly cut off the jobs board now? Have you not learned from TheSpot closure that giving less than 24-hour notice of a shutdown is a bad idea?


I second this question:
If I want to hire a freelance Greeter or Director of Photography - where do I best advertise this now?


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