Fonts in world are not very clear


I don’t know if the prime (coding) team even visits the forums any more but it’s been getting progressively harder to read the Users Online list as well as name tags (WHEN they actually show up).

The chat window is clear as a bell but then that is an external script, isn’t it?

Extra note… NOW when I crash I have to actually invoke the task manager in order to clear the frozen window!!! I think it’s time to get things under control again guys.

I have to assume this is related to the current rendering horror show that has been afflicting us all in one way or another for the past week or so.


Building on this I have to say that my biggest issues are with legibility of the in world chat. I constantly find myself peering at the screen to make out what has been said - font size is too small and random characters appear as really faint


It is rather wild to see the text twinkle, something only a vid can show: Twinkling Text, click here


It looks like a conflict of the text and the background of the text. (its like a texture conflict error)
I can replicate it too.


Oh dear that doesn’t look nice


Yeah @Menithal, That is what I’m getting on the name tags as well. But the names in the Userlist look as though my glasses VERY SUDDENLYneed updating!


I need to say imost of the fon’t are not really clear. the are small and sometime slooked blurred. The online list seems to have bad font’s at all. soemthing you will see if you use a weird low resolution on tft screen that resize it bad.

It all seems a few pixels to small to for my eyes.

Also the inworld webpage fonts like marketplace and directory are terrible thin and makes it harder to read.